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(Yahoo!) - It's hard to deny that meeting your idol up close and personal is a thrilling experience, but one enthusiastic Beyoncé fan got so excited when she hugged him that he actually fainted on the spot.

During a recent show in Nashville on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, the "Single Ladies" singer made a fan's day when she grabbed his hand while singing "Irreplaceable." The man was so excited that he gyrated wildly, making it look as if the pop star — dressed in a sparkly electric blue jumpsuit — had sent an electrical jolt through his body. The young man held onto her hand while jumping up and down, and Beyoncé went a step further and knelt down to give him a hug.

The man became visibly overwhelmed, said something to Beyoncé and put his hand to his head before falling to the floor. We're sure he must have had some "Sweet Dreams!"

Another member of the BeyHive captured the moment on video for all the world to see.


Photo Credit Getty Images