The #ALSIceBucketChallenge has swept the United States.  Millions of dollars have been raised for the cause.

TV host Mike Rowe (best known for his work on shows like Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch) does not hate the challenge.  But, he does question it.

Hundreds of people have issued the challenge to Rowe, but he has yet to accept.

He won't accept.

On his Facebook page, Rowe delivered an epic response to all of those issuing the challenge.  Rowe explains, "I’ve got some opinions on the subject of persuasion, especially as it applies to fundraising. And I’ve been struggling with how to share those thoughts in a way that will not make me look like a douche-bag."

Rowe is not alone.

There are plenty of people who have had similar thoughts, but obviously don't want to come off like a douche-bag.

While excited for the ALS Association, Rowe recognizes the the finite resources people have to give. "n this world, more money for ALS means less money for Heart Disease. More for Malaria means less for Diabetes. More for AIDS means less for Alzheimer’s. And so forth."

He is also concerned about the "jackpot" that the association has received, "I'm not inclined to challenge more people to send more money to coffers that are already overflowing."

Rowe also notes the "public" nature of the challenge.  "Here, people I’ve never met give me 24 hours to either write a check to a charity I’m not familiar with, or dump a bucket of cold water over my head. Tell me honestly - if that precise challenge arrived to you privately, via the US Mail, what would you do with it? You’d throw it in the trash, right? But a public challenge is not so easy to ignore. Online, everyone is watching. Your friends. Your co-workers. Your clients. Maybe even your boss."

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