Peyton Manning has had the MVP award on layaway pretty much since Week 1, so much so that we ought to have a secondary MVP, non-Peyton division. And if we were going to have such an award, it would go to Philadelphia's Nick Foles.

Foles wouldn't look out of place wandering out of the Georgia pines on "The Walking Dead," as either survivor or zombie. Looks-wise, he's as far from the traditional Unflappably Cool Pro Quarterback as you are. But he's uncannily accurate, having thrown 19 touchdowns against zero interceptions this year. Zero. He's thrown 233 consecutive passes without a turnover. One more touchdown pass, and he matches Peyton Manning's record of consecutive TDs without an interception. It's always risky projecting out stats, but Foles' 125.2 QB rating would be the highest in NFL history, and his career rate of interceptions, only five in 461 attempts, is also a league record.

Some quarterbacks, like the Brothers Manning, Robert Griffin III, and Matt Ryan, come into the league and find their position waiting for them. Others Wally Pipp their way into a job, taking the place of the injured incumbent and then pushing said incumbent out the door. Tom Brady fits into this category, and quite possibly, Foles does too. Foles took over for an injured Michael Vick earlier this year, and now it's impossible to envision a non-catastrophic scenario where Vick starts again.

True, Foles came very close to ending his gaudy streak on Sunday afternoon, but a pass that ended up in the hands of Arizona's Patrick Peterson got overturned on a penalty. The streak lives on, and so too do the Eagles.

Philadelphia is now 7-5, tied with Dallas for the NFC East lead. There's no way two teams from the division are making the playoffs, so it's win or go home. Like New Orleans' Jimmy Graham, Foles is putting together one of the great seasons in recent memory in the shadow of Peyton. If he's able to lead the Eagles into the playoffs, though, Foles won't be under anyone's radar much longer.

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