(Yahoo!) The Derek Jeter tributes won't be limited to just the game broadcast on Tuesday night.

Nike's Jordan brand, one of Jeter's longtime sponsors, plans to roll out a 90-second ad during Jeter's 14th and final All-Star Game appearance. It's a pretty chill-inducing spot, beginning with the late Bob Sheppard's famous Jeter at-bat introduction and continuing with tip-of-the-cap tributes from everyone from Jay Z to Phil Jackson to Carmelo Anthony. Even noted Yankees rivals like Mr. Met and a pair of begrudging Boston Red Sox fans take time to pay their respects to the retiring All-Star.

The ad has been so popular that #RE2PECT started trending on Twitter with the release of the ad. 

The ad, which first premiered on AdWeek, will run in its entirety during Tuesday's game while a 60-second version will run throughout the summer.  Go ahead and watch the ad to see how many stars you can spot and recognize. 

Also, try and tell us the number of goosebumps you get.  

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PHOTO: Youtube