One week down, 8 more to go.

It was wonderful to get back in the saddle at the Midtown Family Restaurant and talk about actual games again.

From the interviews, and the results, hear are my first week impressions:

CITY HIGH is going to be a tough out as the season wears on. If you were listening to the Jay Capron Morning Show last Friday at 9:45, you would have heard me label Cedar Falls as being on 'upset alert'. And, for the majority of the game on Bates Field, the Tigers were living up to my prediction....Coach Dan Sabers is one of the real good guys in the coaching circle. He 'gets it'.

WEST HIGH was able to stay cool on the field while continue the heat wave of offense Friday night. 67 points in a season opener, on a night when the temps were in the mid 90s? When you return an all-state caliber QB and play in a high octane offense, it helps. Coach Brian Sauser is one of the more intense coaches I've met. Not afraid to get in the ring for his guys. 615 total yards? Wow.

SOLON definitely has the sound and look of the Johnson County Juggernaut reemerging this season. Jacob Black: hello! A nice transfer at QB who ran for two 35+ yard TD and threw for another. With the big fellas up from, Sparty is a contenduh! This week they hope to crown the Regals and return the favor of ending a long winning streak. Get to Solon by 4:30 or you might not have a seat.

IOWA CITY REGINA is Cooking up another great season. From Marv to Drew is going to be a popular line of questioning and byline this year. The latter being the son of the former, and has taken over the reigns as QB for the 3 time defending state champs. Coach Cook is really complimentary of the job the kids did in the offseason to prepare. He also understands the level of competition takes a BIG leap forward from week 1 to week 2. No offense to the Comets, or for them, but Solon will bring it far more on Friday.

WEST BRANCH was supposed to be down this year if you asked Coach Butch Pedersen before Friday night's game..again, before the game. Then, the Bears travel to Lisbon and defeat the then #3 ranked Lions (Class A) on their home field, 28-20. The score was not even that close. The head coach praised the effort of his defense and of junior QB Lucas Lamont, he of the 3 TD strikes. Opening night at the Little Rose Bowl is this week. After low expectations, the Bears will start 2-0. Mark that down.

Be sure to catch all the coaches LIVE on Saturday at the Midtown Family Restaurant on Iowa City's eastside. Or, just listen to us at 8am (most Saturday mornings).

PROGRAM NOTE: this week the show will not play LIVE, but rather on tape delay following the Iowa-Missouri State football game. Estimated time: 6pm.

Have a great week!