Jay Mohr Sports held the 2nd annual "Jay Mohr Sports Awards" on Wednesday....We named winners for everything from "Best Guest" to "Best Performance by a Reporter / Announcer to "Best Show Moment".... The full list of categories and nominations are below....... 



Best Show Sound Drop – “Skatting”


Best In-Studio Listener Guest –  "No ID Justin" (Justin Orr)


Best Guest -  Keith Morrison (Dateline NBC)


Best Accent – “Cajun Man” by Dan Beyer


Best Intern – Hannah Olsen (Nickname: Boeheim)


Best Jay Mohr Impression – “Cleveland James Brown”


Best Performance by a Reporter/Announcer – Tim Warwood BBC Winter Olympics “Calling Olympic snowboarding”


Best “Person” Top 3 @ 5 Story – “Bill Flowers, who’s dog found a human leg”


Best “Animal” Top 3 @ 5 Story – “Bear who scat in the car” 


Best Jay Mohr Sports Moment (Voted by Listeners) – Dan Beyer’s Rap


Photo: Getty Images