Green Bay Packers LB AJ Hawk joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk some Packers and Buckeyes football.

Mohr: "You actually flipped your middle finger during an NFL game and were fined for it. Johnny Manziel flipped the middle finger to the Redskins because they told him ‘hey this ain’t college anymore, you can’t run around like that’. What happened in your situation that made you do it?"

Hawk: "To tell you how dumb I am, I knew they filmed the games but I thought there was no way anyone was going to see me. I got a sack and I did it (flipped the bird) to our sidelines at a couple of my buddies on the team. It was like a weird,  stupid, inside joke that you think is funny, but doesn't go over well to the viewing audience and everybody else. 

Mohr: "So you, A.J. Hawk, gave the finger to your own teammate as a joke?"

Hawk: "Oh, yeah, 100 percent, but intent doesn’t matter when they want to fine you, that’s for sure." 


Photo: Getty Images