Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and gave us his thoughts on NBA teams trying to tank for a higher draft pick.

Mohr: You said last week regarding tanking, "It’s bad around the league. Last year at the end of the season I counted like two-thirds of the teams around the league that were not trying to win.” Is that a real situation? Do you think teams actually do that?

Morey: By the end of the year it gets even worse and my quote there I said it a little wrong. I meant two-thirds of the games had at least one team that wasn’t trying to win. It’s a little better, but still you look on a given night and you look at that game… Ok, one team is trying not to win that game. I do think it’s pretty bad. I do know it’s something they (the league) are looking at closely to figure out. The key is that you can still reward the bad teams with a better draft pick and try to create some parody. What you have to do get rid of is the marginal incentive.......you can’t make it so that winning twenty games is somehow better than winning twenty-four games. You want to still have those teams competing.