Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl DE Greg Hardy joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday after signing his $13 million franchise tag. We asked him about the reports that his star WR teammate Steve Smith was on the trading block

Mohr: “Everybody is saying that the Panthers are trying to trade Steve Smith. He’s getting old, he’s tiny, they need more weapons, and I say this is an absolute fake story, because if you’re looking for more weapons for Cam Newton, you don’t start by taking one of the most reliable, weapons away. Yes or No”?

Hardy: “100% correct my man, one of the most reliable weapons in the game, not just the Panthers, but in football”.

Mohr: “You guys have 20 free agents! Is that bad cap management by ownership or is that bad talent evaluation? How do you get 20 free agents out of one team, a good team”?

Hardy: “We have been rebuilding for a couple of years, since I got here. This is just what happens when you build up and build up, and you try and get that championship team. The guys that will take you all the way there, sometimes like you said, are a bunch of hubcaps. We are trying to build a great car, and keep salvaging parts”.