Bleacher Report NBA Columnist Howard Beck joined Jay Mohr Sports live on Tuesday from Phil Jackson's introductory press conference in New York...Jackson made it a point to make Carmelo Anthony feel like he was part of the plan going forward but, does Carmelo feel the same way?

Mohr: Is Carmelo aware that his legacy right now is only getting out of the first round twice, perennial ball hog, and never winning a ring? Is that where he is at, a crossroad in his life, or do you think he wants to get paid and get out without getting hurt in his career?

Beck: I think we are about to find out. The choice he has to make this summer is what does he care about the most? Is it the money? He can get more money from New York. If he wants to win, my premise before (today) was, he has to leave. With Phil Jackson here, it changes that a little because now he can see a plan in place and it involves one of the smartest guys in the game. There are better team set up for him now like Chicago, which would be challenging, but it could happen.. Do you come back for the max, which will restrict them cap-wise and what else they can do in the future? Does he take a pay cut? What are his values? What does he care about? At this stage in his career, this should be the last major contract he signs in his prime. He should be thinking about his legacy. I do think Carmelo cares about that (his legacy). I think he wants to win. He is tight with LeBron (James), and it’s tough seeing them win it year after year, while he’s home in late April.