Seattle Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and talked about their first Super Bowl win in team history and if he and his teammates were talking about who would be winning the MVP trophy during the game.

Jay Mohr: When a team is blowing out another team at the Super Bowl, me and my friends when we sit in the stands, we start thinking to ourselves and we start asking who do you think is going to be MVP? Does that happen on the sidelines? Do you guys start  chatting with each another? Seriously!

Jermaine Kearse: The chirps kind of get out there, but we were focused on just finishing the game.

Mohr: You dodged my question man.

Kearse:   (Laughing) Yeah, there was a little chirping going around on who was going to be the MVP.  

Mohr: Who on the Seattle sideline, who made the mix for MVP that was not MVP? Who was the runner up? 

Kearse:  Some people say me, some said Doug (Baldwin), Percy (Harvin), Russell (Wilson). I feel that it could have been anybody.