SMU Mustangs and former NY Knicks Head Coach Larry Brown joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and we asked him about Phil Jackson possibly joining the Knicks in the front office and his personal relationship with New York owner James Dolan.

Mohr: In regards to the report that Phil Jackson could be heading to New York....Are the Knicks salvageable? Is James Dolan as crazy as we all think he is?

Brown: "No, he (Dolan) was great to me. I just didn’t do a good job for him. He wants to win and give you a chance to win, and since the (Phil Jackson story) came out, Woody (Mike Woodson) is on a three game win streak. I know he (Dolan) loves Woody and I know he wants to see Mike succeed. My biggest thing is why would Phil Jackson talk to the Knicks when he knew they already had a coach? That troubles me a little bit. I think Knicks are salvageable. They have had unbelievable injury problems and that is going to affect any team. All the great franchises....the GMs, the coaches, and the owner are all attached at the hip. All the decisions they make are a collective effort of the three. And all the good franchises have that. They bring in Steve Mills as GM … What does Steve Mills do???? I thought they fired him before.....because they have a whole bunch of problems. And now this guy on his own goes to meet Phil Jackson? What does that tell Mike Woodson and the players? That’s the worst thing I think".