Former Texas A&M WR Mike Evans joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday with Bill Reiter and Kirk Morrison coming off he and Johnny Manziel's Pro Day in College Station. We asked him about his draft stock and if Manziel should go #1 to Houston.

Reiter: Long-time NFL personnel executive Gil Brandt said recently you have the best hands since Calvin Johnson. What is your ceiling going to be in this league? How good can you be?

Evans: I think I can become a great player and my best football is ahead of me. I've only been playing 3 years of football over the past 6 years and I feel like the best is ahead of me. Hopefully I'll go top 10.

Reiter: Your former QB Johnny Manziel, where do you think he goes and what kind of career will he have in the NFL?

Evans: Wherever he goes, he's going to be a great player. In the NFL, they haven't seen a guy like him yet, so I don't think they're going to be able to stop him. He's so smart and I think his game will translate very well. He's a playmaker...and he's going to make plays at the next level. But, if the Texans need a QB, they're going to have to take Johnny Manziel or they missed out on a great one.