Former Mizzou Tigers WR T.J. Moe has been very outspoken about the Northwestern union ruling and joined Bill Reiter and Kirk Morrison Thursday on Jay Mohr Sports to discuss it. We asked him how this really could affect student athletes if they were paid in the future.

Reiter: If the NCAA keeps the model the way it is in terms of scholarships, but there wasn't a penalty for selling your jersey or a booster taking you to dinner or giving you a car, doing commercials, would that fix the problem?

Moe: Partially, but you can't let the boosters come back in because then it turns into what happened at SMU. But, the bottom line is if you unionize and want to be treated like an employee, fine, but, be ready to be terminated at any time. For my job, for your job, or anyone else's job, if you're late for work, that's grounds for termination. If you have poor performance, that's grounds for termination but, that's not how we treat 17-year-old kids right now. Right now we get a three or four strike process but, immediately if you're going into the work force, it's either perform or your gone.