Former Clemson Quarterback Tajh Boyd joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday and, since he was once sacked four times in a game by Jadeveon Clowney, we asked him why anyone would call Clowney "atrocious" and why he's falling mock drafts.

Mohr: "Merril Hoge said Jadeveon Clowney, fundamentally, is an atrocious football player. You were once sacked by Clowney four times in one game. Please tell me how good Clowney is."

Boyd: "He is absolutely the number one pick. He is the most complete football player in this draft. If he's across from a guy like JJ Watt… he would take him under his wing and teach him his work ethic. If you put Clowney in a situation like that, the sky is the limit for him."

Mohr: "In the mock drafts you were projected as a second round pick… Every time I do a mock draft now you are hanging around the fourth, fifth round. Why is that? Why are guys from Wyoming and Ball State all of the sudden ranked ahead of you?"

Boyd: "I think it’s hilarious honestly… If I get on the field with any of those guys I’m going to win every time. Whenever I step on the field I am going to be sure I make some noise and do some damage."