A West High junior had no idea when he created an anti-bully account one year ago that he would eventually be interviewed on the 'Today Show' on NBC.

Jeremiah Anthony and West High Principal Jerry Arganbright joined me today to talk about 'West High Bros' - a social media initiative that encourages positive compliments and acts of kindness.

It was very refreshing to hear from Jeremiah this morning because we are bombarded by negativity on a daily basis.  If you listen to the morning show you have likely heard me share this example - Go to any news or sports website and scroll down to look at the comments.  There is a very good chance you will see negative comments about people being overweight, racist comments, and other stereotypes.

I was inspired by Jeremiah this morning and I hope you were too.  I work hard every morning to bring a positive show to the airwaves and based on listener feedback many of you enjoy that I don't scream and yell about politics or poke fun at people who are less fortunate.  It's sad that positive shows like the KXIC morning show are rare in today's society but it's what separates us from 'other' stations and what has continued to keep us your news and sports leader and the #1 AM station in Johnson County.  Thanks to all our great listeners and thanks to Jeremiah Anthony for continuing to inspire people across the country by sharing positive comments.