There is something special about Opening Day.  Hope springs eternal.

Warmer weather is coming and America's past time has returned.

I remember listening to White Sox games on my radio alarm clock when I was a boy and learning about Ron Kittle, Carlton Fisk and Harold Baines.  Growing up in Chicagoland meant I had to choose - Cubs or White Sox.  Most of my friends were Cubs fans but I decided to go with 'The Good Guys'.

I'll never forget the White Sox World Series victory in 2005.  I have a copy of the Chicago Tribune from Thursday, October 27th, 2005  tacked to the wall in my office serves as a reminder.  The headline reads - 'Believe It!' and the picture features the pile-up at the mound following the 4th and final victory of the World Series.

It's the one and only MLB championship for the White Sox in my lifetime however I enjoy watching baseball regardless of the success of the team I follow. 

While baseball is boring to some, fans like me enjoy the mind games and strategic moves during each contest.  It's like chess with a 95 mph leather ball and a line-up card.

Here's to all the baseball fans in 2014!