6-5-14 PAWSitively Petland Show

Today we covered:

+ The Shiba Inu, is this lively little breed right for you?

+ How to train a cat to stop waking you up to be fed.

+ Does your dog pull when walking OR does your dog wonder A LOT when walking? We will discuss ways do help you and your dog communicate!

+ One More Reason To Get Your Puppy From Petland - Do you know all the different supplies available to help you work with your new puppy or older adoption dog? We will go through all the information you need to start off and keep going on the right foot.

Listen to the show here:  http://www.kxic.com/media/podcast-pawsivitley-petland-show-PetlandIowaCity/6514-pawsitively-petland-show-24864060/