We already told you about “Sports Illustrated” featuring a gorgeous plus sized model on the cover of the swimsuit edition for the first time ever, but apparently that’s not the only 'first' this year. The mag just announced that the swimsuit edition is delving into the world of virtual reality.

Folks who download the mag’s new Swimsuit app will have access to 11 virtual reality clips, which were shot while on location in the Dominican Republic, featuring former cover models Hannah Davis, Irina Shayk and Nina Agdal. The 360-degree clips of the beauties can be viewed via Smartphones, or using high-end VR units like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Content creators Wevr, which shot the footage, say their mission was to capture the photo shoots from different perspectives, including giving the user a fly-on-the-wall experience from the point of view of the models. "Instead of looking at a page, you're actually standing in the page," Wevr co-founder Anthony Batt says. "VR is transformational for the (magazine) medium."

NOW you know why your teenage son has been bugging you to borrow your virtual reality headset...