No One Can Identify Anything In This Photo And It's Driving Everyone Crazy

"Name one thing in this photo." That's the caption on a recent tweet that is driving the internet bonkers. It's such an easy thing to do - we've all been alive for many years and have seen many things, so sure, we should have no trouble naming a couple seemingly everyday objects. Yet even though the picture looks to be filled with some household items, no one is able to identify any of them. In fact, the longer the length of time spent looking at the pic, the more crazy people become. Check out the tweet that caused so many people to lose their minds:

Not surprisingly, the comments from the confused people who looked at the image are so amusing you might forget that you couldn't recognize anything in the picture:

One person went so far to recreate the photo how they interpreted it:

As yet, the original poster hasn't explained what is actually depicted in the photo so minds will continue to melt across the globe

Photo: Getty Images

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