Neighbors Fed Up With Pothole Fill It With A Christmas Tree

A group of neighbors in Atlanta decided to take action into their own hands after a deep pothole remained unfilled on their block. Residents living on Archwood Drive decided to fill the pothole with a Christmas tree. They filled the hole with a potted evergreen and decorated it with ornaments and lights, hoping to keep drivers from crashing into the large hole in the middle of the street.

They even wrote their own Christmas carol about the "Archwood Tree."

"O, Archwood Tree, O Archwood Tree, how scary is that sinkhole," they sang to the tune of "O Christmas Tree."

Sharon Magruder says that she hopes the tree will force city officials to send out a road crew to repair their street.

“Instead of being negative and screaming and stomping our feet and being ugly about it, why not have fun with it and still get attention and get the job done, so it’s not so dangerous for the neighborhood,” Magruder said. 

The city has not removed the tiny Christmas tree but did put up barricades in front of it. City officials did not say when workers will be by to fill the pothole.