Parents Sue Royal Caribbean After One-Year-Old Daughter Falls To Her Death

The family of a one-year-old girl who fell out of an open window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship has filed a lawsuit accusing the cruise line of negligenceSalvatore Anello was holding his granddaughter, Chloe, in his arms while sitting near a wall of glass on the ship's 11th deck.

The family did not realize that the wall of glass were windows that had been opened while the ship was docked in Puerto Rico. Chloe reached out to bang on the glass, but fell out of her grandfather's arms and landed on the dock 150 feet below.

Anello was charged with negligent homicide in her death and is currently fighting the charges in Puerto Rico.

Chloe's parents, Alan Wiegand and Kimberly Schultz-Wiegand, are blaming Royal Caribbean for the death of their daughter. They said that Royal Caribbean should have installed "safety prevention devices" on the windows, which were located in a children's play area on the ship. 

"There was not a single, adequate indication that this wall of glass panes was not actually a wall of fixed glass panes," the complaint states, "but instead a wall of glass with glass panes that could actually slide and remain open, as windows."

The family is seeking unspecified damages and is demanding a jury trial.

"We should be celebrating with presents and a birthday cake, but instead, we are talking about her death," Schultz-Wiegand said during a press conference.