This Week's Weird News 5/1/20

A faux plague doctor roaming around a village in England, President Trump's thoughts on the much-discussed Pentagon UFO videos, and an interesting take on the thylacine from one of the stars of Tiger King were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

The hit Netflix series Tiger King has become a bonafide pop culture phenomenon since it premiered a few months ago and the strange world of rogue zookeepers finally crossed paths with the paranormal this week when one of the stars of the program, Jeff Lowe, shared his thoughts on the Tasmanian Tiger with an Australian radio program. Contrary to the stance of mainstream science, the creature is not actually extinct, the controversial wildlife park proprietor said and revealed that hopes to someday acquire one for his zoo!

The Pentagon's decision to officially release a trio of UFO videos filmed by Navy pilots made major news this week despite the fact that the footage had been circulating online for the past few years. Beyond spawning breathless headlines from the mainstream media and considerable speculation on the internet, the tantalizing clips even caught the attention of President Trump. Meanwhile, in response to the development here in America, Japan announced that they were devising a response plan should any of their pilots encounter a UFO.

Easily the weirdest story we saw this past week centered around a mischievous individual in England who caused something of a stir by roaming around a village while wearing a plague doctor costume. An image of the creepy costume-clad person walking about town wound up on social media and, as is custom online, sparked a debate over whether their antics were funny or frightening. Local authorities seemingly sided with the latter group, announcing that they were looking for the 'plague doctor' in the hopes of warning them about the potential dangers of scaring the public.

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