Video Of Dad Pushing Kid On Swing On 8th Floor Balcony Gets Him Shamed

With stay-at-home orders affecting countries across the globe, parents are left to find creative ways to keep their kids entertained and engaged. This is even harder for families living in apartments in urban areas. With no yards for children to run around in, and most playgrounds closed, city dwellers have to be especially innovative when it comes to kids activities. Well one dad in Puerto Rico might have taken things a little too far.

The man installed a swing for his daughter - typically no big deal - except he did it on the balcony of his 8th floor apartment so that when he pushes her on it, she swings out over the edge, nearly 100 feet off the ground. Journalist Jonathan C. Padilla filmed the swing in use and shared it on Twitter, shocked. His caption translates to "A man swung his young daughter on the balcony of his apartment during coronavirus quarantine."

On the video itself, Padilla wrote the word, "Enserio?" which means, "Really?"

As the clip spread on social media, most people who saw it agreed with Padilla, commenting, "How irresponsible! How can this father do this to his own daughter?" "Poor child," and "This video demonstrates the pure neglect of this father."

No word on if authorities are investigating the dad to ensure the dangerous swing is removed.

Photo: Getty Images

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