5 Safe Yet Fun Ideas To Do With Your Kids As Stay-At-Home Orders Get Lifted

After stay-at-home orders have kept people indoors for months to slow the spread of coronavirus, now that many states have lifted the mandates, plenty of folks are heading outside. However, COVID-19 is still out there and if people don't adhere to the CDC guidelines on how to stay safe, it will continue to spread. It's news that makes many parents anxious about going places with their children, but that shouldn't keep them inside. Here are five outdoor activities for families to do that are fun, but more importantly, safe:

Having A Picnic:

Some of the safest places right now are the most wide open ones, where you can stay well over six-feet from others and enjoy the outdoors worry-free. Bring a blanket, some food and some books and have a picnic in the sun, then lay out and read.

Going For A Bike Ride:

It's nice to get out of the house for a little exercise, and there is no easier way to do it than by hopping on your bike and going for a spin around the neighborhood. Just remember to mask up and give pedestrians a lot of room when you go around them.

Picking Strawberries:

It's the time of year when strawberries are ripe for the picking, and you and your family can be the ones to grab them off the vine. Find a local farm that offers pick-your-own but note that many are doing it by appointment only to regulate how many pickers are plucking the fruit at a time. Once you've got a basket full of the berries, you can literally enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Family enjoying hiking in forest during the COVID-19 pandemic

Going For A Hike:

With many museums and zoos still closed, a hike can be fun, healthy and even educational. From frogs to deer to millipedes - even snakes - you never know what animals you might run into on one, plus there are all the different kinds of trees and rocks to examine too. If you find some good trails, you might even be treated to a gorgeous view or a beautiful waterfall. Best of all, there shouldn't be too many people around you so you don't need to constantly think about social distancing.

Taking An Activity-Based Vacation:

There are a lot of people who think they can't take a vacation right now, but it is all about where you go. Some places have reopened with new stringent guidelines that ensure the safety of their guests. One such destination is Woodloch Pines in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. The resort not only has a slew of things for families to do, but they ensure that all of their activities are done with everyone's best interests in mind.

As part of their new "Resort Responsibly" mantra, every employee wears a mask and Woodloch asks their guests to do the same. Each guest also has their temperature taken curbside before checking in.

When it comes to the activities offered, every piece of equipment is sanitized after being used. That means the bows and arrows at archery, the go-karts, the bumper boats, the rock climbing wall, the shuffleboard equipment, the bumper cars and everything else that's part of the Woodloch experience. Plus, they have sign up sheets for everything so they can be certain that social distancing is taking place.

Meanwhile, activities like Bingo, Name That Tune, trivia games and more are held outside where families can space out. And with such a huge property, you can always go in the lake or one of the pools and be far enough away from others so you need not worry. Or if you'd prefer to get even farther away, there are many nature trails for hiking and biking.

As for eating, you can do takeout or have meals outside or inside. If it is inside, the tables are spaced appropriately with extra seating times to keep the number of people in the dining room down. You can learn more about Woodloch here, but no matter where you go for a getaway, make sure that they are taking precautions when it comes to your health, then have fun and enjoy yourself.

Photo: Getty Images