Mississippi Passes Bill To Remove Confederate Symbol From State Flag

Lawmakers in Mississippi voted to change their state flag and remove the Confederate symbol that has been there since 1894. The legislation easily passed the House by a vote of 91-23, before heading to the Senate, where it passed by a 37-14 vote. Governor Tate Reeves has said he would sign the bill when it reaches his desk.

The bill establishes a commission to redesign the state flag and eliminate the "Stars and Bars" in the top-left corner. The new design must include the phrase "In God, We Trust." The new flag will be on the ballot in November. If voters reject it, the commission will try again and present a different design to lawmakers in 2021.

The Mississippi state flag is the only one that still features the Confederate battle emblem. Georgia removed the symbol from its flag in 2003.

Photo: Getty Images

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