Host Shocked When Wife, In Only A Towel, Sneaks By During Live Stream

As the pandemic continues, many people are still working from home and dealing with all the challenges that come with it. Plenty of journalists are among them. When reporters and hosts first started using their homes as their broadcast studios, it led to many funny and strange moments that viewers got to witness - from a reporter getting caught cheating to a topless dad walking into a shot to a weather report getting interrupted by a dog. Now there is another one to add to the list.

Fabio Porchat was hosting his Instagram show, Politics Live, interviewing former Brazilian presidential candidate Guiherme Boulos when Porchat's wife tried to sneak past the shot wearing only a towel on her head. She did not go unnoticed.

While the woman, who clearly just got out of the shower, made an attempt to get by without anyone seeing, Boulos immediately noticed her and called it out saying, "Somebody's walking past naked." Fabio then turned to his wife and told her, "Everybody saw you!" She answered by asking, "Could you see?!?" and Fabio responded, "Obviously they can see, totally, even Boulos saw!" All the while, Boulos was in hysterics.

It might have been embarrassing for Fabio and his wife, but you can bet a lot more people have tuned in to the clip of the interview because of it.

Photo: YouTube

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