President Trump Considers Giving GOP Convention Speech At The White House

President Donald Trump is considering delivering his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination at the White House. Trump was originally supposed to give the address during the Republican National Convention in North Carolina, but it was moved to Jacksonville, Florida, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the decision to move the event was made, Florida has seen a resurgence in new cases of COVID-19, forcing the GOP to scrap their plans and find another way to hold the convention. While some of the events will still take place in North Carolina, President Trump may not be there in person to deliver the keynote address.

Instead, he may deliver his speech from the South Lawn of the White House.

"Well, we are thinking about it. It would be easiest from the standpoint of security," he said during an interview with Fox and Friends. "We are thinking about doing it from the White House because there's no movement. It's easy, and I think it's a beautiful setting, and we are thinking about that. It's certainly one of the alternatives. It's the easiest alternative, I think it's a beautiful alternative."

The decision on where Trump will give his speech has not been made, and he suggested that if people had issues with the location, he could "go someplace else."

Photo: Getty Images

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