BASE Jumper Left Dangling After Slamming Into Cleveland Apartment Building

A BASE jumper suffered a broken leg after slamming into the side of an apartment building in Cleveland, Ohio. Bystanders watched as four other jumpers lept from a nearby building and safely parachuted to a park across the street.

The fifth jumper did not make it to the park and instead, crashed into the side of the Reserve Square Building complex. Authorities said he likely got caught in a gust of wind, which blew him off course and into the side of building. His parachute got snagged, leaving him dangling 40 feet above the ground.

“We saw him go down really, really fast and then it was smack, just bad,” Lexi Sepulveda told WJW. “My reaction was kind of closed my eyes. I was actually genuinely scared at first, but then once I saw him moving, it kind of, a sigh of relief for a second.”

Firefighters arrived on the scene and rescued the 35-year-old with a ladder truck. He reportedly told the police that he and his friends jumped out of an airplane, but other witnesses said they watched the group jump from the top of the Luckman apartment building across the street.

“I’ve heard of people base jumping sure, but not off of my apartment building," witness Patrick O’Shea told WOIO. "You could tell the man was in pain, he was just sitting there holding on, trying to wait it out because help was on the way.”

Authorities are investigating the incident, and did not say if anybody will face charges.

Photo: Google Maps

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