Thunderstorm Blocks Out Sun, Casts 75-Mile Shadow Visible From Space

An isolated thunderstorm rolled through Kansas last week, casting a large shadow as it blocked out the sunrise. A meteorologist with the National Weather Service snapped an amazing photo of the storm as it covered the rising sun just before 6 a.m. local time.

The Weather Service said the massive storm was about 35,000 feet tall, making it one mile taller than Mount Everest. The storm cast a 75-mile shadow, which could be seen from space. The Weather Service also shared a satellite image that showed the shadow stretching across the Northwest corner of the state.

A time lapse video captured the shadow moving across the sky as the storm blocked out the rising sun.

While the storm may have been massive, it only produced a little bit of lightning before dissipating.

Photo: National Weather Service Goodland

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