'Umbrella Academy' Card Game Kickstarter Got Funded In Less Than An Hour

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While fans are busy trying to find all the hidden sparrows in The Umbrella Academy's second season, Dark Horse Comics and Studio71 have been hard at work creating another way to experience Gerard Way's comic-turned-TV-series: a card game. Just before the premiere of Season 2, The Umbrella Academy card game launched a Kickstarter with a $30,000 goal. The game was 100% funded in less than an hour, and at time of writing (August 13) has raised $248,358 with 22 days left in the campaign.

Both Way and artist Gabriel Bá spoke to iHeartRadio about the overwhelming response to the upcoming game.

“The reception to the announcement of the Umbrella Academy game has been truly humbling," Way said. "The franchise has come so far from the initial idea in my head and grown into something bigger than I ever thought it could be. I am genuinely thankful to the fans who took this story about a group of outsiders and fell in love with them, just like we did. And I’m psyched for fans to check out the game.”

"A big priority for Gerard and I when we were creating the original comic was that we wanted readers to have an experience that transported them out of their homes and into an entirely different universe," Bá added. "With the Umbrella Academy card game, players can be immersed in the world in an entirely new way and now, for the first time ever, become their favorite hero sibling and battle their favorite monsters like Hazel & Cha Cha. This game takes the characters that fans know and love off the pages and the screen and brings them to life in a fun battle of epic proportions."

Different pledge tiers are paired with varying game editions, from standard ($25) to retail ($150+). Check out the Kickstarter here and watch The Umbrella Academy card game trailer/read the game description below.

The Umbrella Academy Card Game Description

The game brings together your favorite seven siblings to defeat hordes of villains in cooperative battle. Play as “Five”, “Séance”, “Space Boy”, “The Rumor”, “The Horror”, “The Kraken”, or “Vanya”, each with their own unique powers. These abilities give players a powerful strategy to follow during the game. Players take one energy bar card; the energy bar measures your energy throughout the game so that you can use special abilities. You’ll battle the deadly villains like “Carmichael”, “Dr. Terminal”, “Perseus X and Medusa”, “Hazel & Cha Cha” and many more. Based on the number of players, shuffle and place the indicated number of villain cards in the middle of the play area, face down. Those villains will use villain attack cards to battle against the siblings. The players put forth their attacks against the villain attack cards, face down. Upon revealing the cards, the heroes and villains compare score values. The winning card being the one with the greater damage. AnUmbrella Academygame would be nothing without a little dysfunction, brothers will fight, there will be confrontation, hopelessness, you might even hit rock bottom. Throughout the game, dysfunctional family cards bring the comic themes to life and affect each round. The siblings are victorious when all the villain cards are defeated, but if the villains overwhelm the siblings the world will be destroyed. This game is far beyond the ordinary so if you’re ready to save the world, this card game is for you.

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