Lawmakers Want To Award Capitol Police Officer The Congressional Gold Medal

A bipartisan group of legislators introduced a bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman for his heroic actions as a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6.

Goodman engaged a group of rioters as they climbed the steps towards the open entrance to the Senate chamber. Most members of the Senate, along with staffers and a dozen journalists, were sheltering on the floor of the Senate at the time. Goodman placed himself between the group and the doorway and lured them away from the chamber. The crowd followed him around a different corner, where they were met by additional police officers.

"When he was the only thing standing between Members of Congress and the violent mob, he quickly and selflessly redirected their fury upon himself, so those Members could escape. Thanks to his valor, we are here today," South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace said in a statement. "From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank him enough for his bravery and for his dedication to the call of duty."

Goodman's actions gave security the chance to evacuate the chamber before the mob made its way inside.

"Officer Eugene Goodman's selfless and quick-thinking actions doubtlessly saved lives and bought security personnel precious time to secure and ultimately evacuate the Senate before the armed mob breached the Chamber," the resolution says. "Amid a shocking, unpatriotic attack on the Capitol, Officer Goodman's heroism is recognized not only from members of Congress and staff but also from the American people they represent."

Photo: Getty Images