Hundreds Arrested As Cops Clear Anti-Israel Protests At Colleges Nationwide

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Authorities arrested hundreds of people on college campuses across the country who were protesting the war between Israel and Gaza. 

In California, police stormed an anti-Israel encampment and arrested over one hundred protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles. Just after 3 a.m., officers declared the protest illegal and ordered everybody to leave. The officers then raided the encampment, where over 1,000 people had gathered to protest the war between Israel and Gaza, tearing down barriers and firing flash bangs into the crowd. 

Officials said that those who were detained would handed over to UCLA officials and would not be taken to jail.

In New York City, nearly 300 people have been arrested as officers detained protesters at Columbia University and The City College of New York. Authorities said that roughly half the people involved in the protests had no connection to either school. 

Authorities arrested 12 people protesting at the University of New Hampshire, while 17 were detained at the University of Texas at Dallas. Officers in Portland, Oregon, were also working to shut down a large protest after a group occupied the Portland State University library

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