How Media Exposure Helped The Patriots Defeat The Rams

Brian Hoyer

Alber Breer wrote a fascinating article in Sports Illustrated called McCourtys Tell All About Super Bowl LIII: From Flores’s Plays to Hoyer’s Crucial Role. This article breaks down some of the critical factors to the New England Patriots defeating the Los Angeles Rams at the Super Bowl. Colin Cowherd was enamored by this particular part of the article that breaks down how through analyzing some media appearances by Jared Goff and Sean McVay, Patriots backup quarterback, Brian Hoyer was able to use this as data to prepare the Patriots to face the Rams:

Hoyer began his career in New England, but he got his first shot as a starter in Cleveland. In 2014, his second year there, he started 11 games for coordinator Kyle Shanahan, then played for Shanahan again in San Francisco in ’17. Rams coach Sean McVay coached tight ends for Mike and Kyle Shanahan in Washington from 2010-13, which led Hoyer to believe he’d have some institutional knowledge of McVay’s offense.
Before the Super Bowl, he watched an episode of Peyton Manning’s Detail series on ESPN-Plus on Goff, and it hit him right away—the offense is the same. Looking at the Rams tape confirmed it. Then, he saw an NFL Network interview where Goff and McVay discussed the coach being in the quarterback’s ear up until the 15-second play-clock cutoff, which was something Shanahan did with Hoyer. Then, Hoyer went back to Amazon’sAll or Nothingseries on the Rams; it was about the 2016 season but had footage of OTAs from McVay’s first spring there. Hoyer recognized the language.
“I guess that’s the risk in putting yourself out there like that,” Hoyer joked over the phone on Sunday.

Colin Cowherd shares his takeaways as to why the Patriots being so secretive and smart separates them from the rest of the league.

How the Media Exposed The Rams at the Super Bowl