Donald Trump Explains Role in The Return of Big-Ten Football

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, returns for another round of questions on Outkick now that the tide has turned on the return of Big Ten Football. With a tentative date of October 24th, Clay Travis wonders how we reached this moment when not too long ago, this seemed like a closed case. The President explained his role as to how he was instrumental in the return of the conference:

Clay Travis: "Tell me about your call with Kevin Warren, what your experience was like to help to make what became yesterday a reality. All these kids, all these schools, all these athletes, not just football but Fall sports in the Big-Ten are back and able to now play. How proud are you of that accomplishment, and what went into it?"

Donald Trump: "Well, I'm really proud of it because it was dead. And I told my people, 'Look, we gotta call,' I say, 'who am I gonna call, who's the head of it' and it was Kevin Warren who really turned out to be very open about it. And I said, 'Kevin look, we'll help with testing, we'll get you everything that you need, but you've got to get it back for those states. Those states want it. They're real football states, as you can understand. And it's very unfair to the players. It may be their last chance to show their skills to the NFL so they wouldn't get that.' I'll tell ya, a group of people came together so fast once we started it because they sort of gave up. Although I will tell you, the players didn't give up, and the parents didn't give up. They just wanted to play. I called Kevin, and he was open to it. We started talking real fast and hard and it culminated in getting it done."

Donald Trump turns his attention to the status of Pac-12 Football:

"Now we're going to work on Pac-12. There's no reason why they shouldn't be playing but maybe they can't. At this point, It's getting a little bit late, but they should be playing football. It's ridiculous. They may have a problem with their venues, and some of them have a problem with governors."

Donald Trump Explains his Role in the Return of Big-Ten Football in the Audio Below:

Donald Trump Explains Role in The Return of the Big Ten Football