Clay Travis: NFL Should Welcome a Team Offering Colin Kaepernick a Contract

Clay Travis: NFL Should Welcome a Team Offering Colin Kaepernick a Contract

There has been a lot of buzz about Colin Kaepernick actually being able to come back to the NFL and potentially back on the field for an NFL team, especially with Donald Trump weighing in on the matter again.

For the last few years, the NFL has faced a lot of heat for Colin Kaepernick not being in the NFL, but Clay believes that the league is in a great spot right now in regards to Kaepernick and his potential return to pro football.

Clay believes that the NFL should welcome a team offering Colin Kaepernick a contract, and that they should make it public. If a team does this publicly, it could put Kaepernick in a bit of a pickle. If Kaepernick accepts the offer, Clay argues that Kaepernick will likely just be another NFL back up quarterback and will spend the majority of his time standing on the sideline.The only way he gets on the field is via injury, or if the starting quarterback plays at a really horrible level. In this scenario, Clay says that Kaepernick's martyrdom would be over.

If Kaepernick does not accept the potential contract he is offered, then he can no longer claim that he is being actively black balled from the NFL. If a team offers him a contract and it's public and he turns it down, everyone would see that, and his position of being black balled is done, according to Clay.

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