Clay Travis: National Anthem Kneeling Creates Likes on Twitter, Not Change

Clay Travis: “The Dolphins players are acknowledging that all of this Social Justice Warrior-dom is by and large a sham. ‘I’m going to kneel and change the world by not standing for the National Anthem!’ No you’re not. You’re creating more divineness in my opinion. Even if you think this is changing the world, first of all the data doesn’t reflect that it is, and secondly it’s just a big show. It’s a big production and that’s all that is going on here. There is nothing substantive or substantial with it. I think a lot of teams are just going to decide not to come out for the National Anthem, and if that is in fact what they are deciding to do, then I think this story is basically just going to vanish… Especially without fans present this is going to look even more ridiculous. That’s my thing about the NBA. Kneeling for the National Anthem in the NBA when there are no fans present is entirely a television production design. It isn’t about changing anything, it is about trying to get social media likes, and have people on Instagram happy. It’s total lunacy. Ninety percent of sports fans look to sports as an escape from reality... You get paid millions of dollars because you provide an escape from reality for the vast majority of sports fans who have no interest in your politics. Athletes probably don’t like this, but most people don’t care about any athlete’s life other than for the three hours that they are providing entertainment. I'm saying that for ALL entertainment. I don’t think most people care what Robert Downey Jr. is doing in his life other than when he’s performing as Iron Man. I don’t think many people cared back in the day about Tobey MaGuire’s life other than when he’s being Spiderman.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the Miami Dolphins’ recent team video declaring that the team won’t be coming out for the National Anthem this season to express their disillusionment with the NFL’s ‘fluff and empty gestures’ when it comes to the league's quest for social justice.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks National Anthem kneeling was an empty gesture in its own right, and one simply to get likes on social media.

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