NFL Will Not Place Antonio Brown on Commissioner Exempt List

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Newly acquired New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown was accused of raping his former trainer a few days ago, as the New York Times reported the graphic details about three separate incidents pertaining to sexual assault and rape involving Brown and the woman.

Dan Patrick reported this earlier this morning and then it was confirmed by Adam Schefter, Brown has not been placed on the commissioner exempt list since there's no criminal investigation.

There have been arguments on both sides of this situation with Antonio Brown. Our every own Rob Parker has said that Brown has only been accused. He feels people face lawsuits all the time. Parker has been very vocal in saying that Brown should play unless other news develops.

Jason Smith on the other hand has been very supportive of a cautious approach. Smith thinks it'd be very risky to play Antonio Brown because if this case goes south, it could reflect poorly on the New England Patriots.

The other night, former star wide receiver, Terrell Owens said Antonio Brown is innocent until proven guilty. Owens even went as far as to suspect there may be some foul play with the accusation.

We'll let you know if any more news develops.