Dan Patrick Says Joe Namath Should Not Be in the Hall of Fame

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Dan Patrick: “I don’t think Joe Namath is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Bart Starr didn’t put up big numbers, and neither did Bob Griese, but Namath was known as a passer… Starr and Griese were known as a field generals. Namath had great weapons on those teams. As much as I love Namath the person, he’s not a Hall of Famer. If he doesn’t win Super Bowl III he’s not going in. There are quarterbacks who have been better than him, but didn’t pull off the biggest upset in NFL history.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why he doesn’t believe former legendary New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Namath is one of the most iconic players in league history for his famous guarantee before Super Bowl III, in a game where the Jets were an 18-point underdog against the powerful Baltimore Colts.

He’s also enshrined in pop culture lore as one of the most charismatic athletes in sports history, as his flamboyant clothing style and charming looks made him one of the biggest celebrities off the field during the 60’s and 70’s.

Namath’s name, however, sometimes supersedes his actual accomplishments on the football field. Namath finished under .500 for his career (62-63-4) and didn’t make a single postseason past the age of 26.

For his career he finished with 173 TDs and 220 interceptions, led the league in passing yards three times, and also led the league in INTs four times.

Check out the video below as Dan details why Namath should NOT be in the Hall of Fame (was enshrined as player in 1985).