Unknown High School Math Teacher Becomes Pipedream Star at PGA Championship

Dan Patrick: “What was that like when they announced you on the first tee?”
Alex Knoll: “When they announced my name I took two deep breaths, I probably said two Hail Marys and I aimed 30 yards more right because I knew I was just going to pull hook it… I was finishing up my practice on the chipping green yesterday and I look up and Phil Mickelson is directly across from me chipping to the same flag. So I turned to my guys and I’m like ‘You HAVE to take a picture of this’. As I get back over the ball I blade one right at him. He’s like ‘Thank God I moved!’ and I’m like ‘Yea, you gotta watch out around here’ and he says ‘stay safe out there’ and I said ‘No, I’m fine, YOU’RE the one in danger!’ My caddie says to him ‘that was with the Phil Mickelson Grind Callaway wedge!' and he turns around and was like ‘nooo it wasn’t’ so we had a good laugh and he came back over to the putting green to talk to us before I teed off so that was really cool… I skulled one into Rory on Monday, so I’ll purposely blade one into Tiger today so I can say I got all three!”
Dan Patrick: "Would you rather win a state championship for your golf team, or make the cut at the PGA Championship?"
Alex Knoll: "Make the cut every single time! It's all about me this week!"

Listen to unlikely PGA Championship participant Alex Kroll, who doubles as a high school math teacher and golf coach in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, detail to The Dan Patrick Show how he became one the most unexpected and yet fascinating players at the 2020 PGA Championships at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco.

With COVID-19 having much of the qualifying process cancelled for the major, Knoll was able to grab a spot from his rankings at amateur tournaments, despite Knoll only having one pro start in his life.

Check out the interview above as the math teacher describes his unprecedented experience on golf’s biggest stage.

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