Ryan Hollins: Zion Williamson’s Weight Gain Is a Disgrace

Ryan Hollins: Zion Williamson’s Weight Gain Is a Disgrace

Former NBA player Ryan Hollins joins Jason Smith & Mike Harmon, filling in for Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show, and they tackle the NBA bubble. He thinks Pelicans star Zion Williamson’s weight gain is a disgrace. He hopes Zion can come to understand how important he is to the league and can learn to sacrifice in order to achieve his potential.

Jason Smith: "What is it with Zion? It's obvious that the Pelicans would play him more if they didn't think he would get hurt."

Ryan Hollins:“It's a disgrace, man. I hope Zion can get to the point where he understands how important he is to the league. He came in on a heavy minutes restriction and he was upset. He looks like he's darn near added 15-20 pounds. The disgrace here (is) Zion not knowing how important he is to the league because guys like that have to make sacrifices. It's disappointing that he hasn't figured it out yet and it's not about the team or COVID. There are a number of guys who took the time off to get better. Hopefully, he gets it and can understand his importance to the NBA.“

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