Doug Gottlieb: Stop Overrating Damian Lillard's Career After Two Big Games

Doug Gottlieb: “The Portland Trail Blazers are well below .500 for a reason. It’s not solely because of Damian Lillard, but let’s be honest, with their other flaws he hasn’t been able to elevate them nearly as much as some other stars would. In their wins he averaged 33 points per game and shot 49%, in their losses 27 points a game and 42%. I’m not saying he’s not a tremendous player and these otherworldly performances aren’t astounding to watch, but it’s been SEVEN GAMES. Let’s not act like he’s the best player on the planet because he’s had a very good seven games.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he’s not going to buy into Damian Lillard’s red hot week at the NBA’s Bubble as any inclination that we’re finally witnessing the blossoming of one of the league’s greatest players, hours after Colin Cowherd said on his show that he thinks Lillard might be one of the most formidable scorers in league history.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why there’s a reason Lillard’s Blazers are still five games under .500 and simply clinging to the hopes and dreams of getting a spot in the league’s 8/9 play-in series.

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