Colin Cowherd's Three Biggest Takeaways From the NBA's Bubble in Orlando

Colin Cowherd’s Three Biggest Takeaways from the NBA’s Bubble in Orlando.

1. The Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks DO NOT CARE

“They’re number one seeds, and those coaching staffs and those front offices do not care. I’ve watched the Bucks get beat by the Nets, and I’ve watched the Clippers get beat by the Nets and Suns. They don’t care. It’s right on brand for the Clippers who didn’t care during the regular season. I don’t take anything away out of the Bucks and Clippers, and I think they should be favored to get to the NBA Finals. Milwaukee is excellent defensively, has a brilliant young coach, and they’ve got good enough players to win although I’m not picking them. We’re playing in a Bubble and home court doesn’t matter. All these teams care about is being healthy.”

2. The Lakers DO Care, They Just Can’t Shoot

"...SORT OF a problem in 2020. The Lakers have the worst field goal percentage of any team in the Bubble, I’m not joking. They also have the worst three-point percentage of any team in the Bubble. This is why LeBron James is the MVP to me. He is the super glue holding together a lot of odd and past their prime parts. The Lakers can’t shoot, and oh by the way, they’re not very good at defending the perimeter as well. This is not a championship team. What they are is the world’s best basketball player and the world’s smartest basketball player, LeBron kind of making it work. This is not a very good team. I don’t wanna hear about the number one seed in the West. It mattered to them, and it didn’t matter to the Clippers.”

3. The Blazers Could Become the GREATEST Eight Seed in NBA History

“Damian Lillard is the best shooter, and on most nights the best player in the Bubble. They’ve got three seven-footers so they match up with teams like Milwaukee, Toronto, and the Lakers who have size. Gary Trent Jr., who was a nice player at Duke and always a good shooter – YIKES, now he looks like Steph Curry. Terry Stotts has been very good for years and very respected. Carmelo Anthony has added harmony and scoring from the wing. Portland is going to be the greatest eight seed in the history of the NBA. Their backcourt could be a nightmare for the Lakers. If Lillard went to Duke and played for the Knicks would we get how good he is??” (Full Segment Above)

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