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Colin Cowherd Decides Where Justin Fields Ranks Among NFL Starters

Photo: Mike Mulholland

Watch Colin Cowherd play a game of ‘Fields or The Field?’ as Colin chooses if he would rather want Justin Fields or another NFL starter or top Draft prospect.

Justin Fields or Bryce Young?

“BRYCE YOUNG. Very close but I could reset my clock financially, and Young is also a 66% completion percentage guy.”

Justin Fields or CJ Stroud?

“JUSTIN FIELDS. I think Fields is a better athlete, a little thicker, and just a different level of athlete.”

Justin Fields or Will Levis?

“JUSTIN FIELDS. Some of the criticism of Levis seem unfair, but he’s kind of ripped, a little inflexible, little mechanical, big arm, but my gut feeling says Justin Fields gives me that big arm with more athletic ability.”

Justin Fields or Anthony Richardson?

“JUSTIN FIELDS. Anthony Richardson hasn’t played, he has 13 starts. They both have accuracy issues but Justin has played a lot of football.”

Justin Fields or Aaron Rodgers?

“AARON RODGERS. Today? C’mon, we don’t know if Fields can play in this league.”

Justin Fields or Daniel Jones?


Justin Fields or Deshaun Watson?

“JUSTIN FIELDS. Watson only completed 58% of his throws this season, I cant build my team around him.”

Justin Fields or Mac Jones?

“MAC JONES. Mac has a better record, higher completion percentage, and higher passer rating.”

Justin Fields or Dak Prescott?

“DAK PRESCOTT. Dak is a B+ quarterback in the NFL. Dak is top 10 all-time in completion percentage.”

Justin Fields or Geno Smith?

“JUSTIN FIELDS. Justin is a far greater athlete. I don’t think this Geno renaissance is going to last.”

Justin Fields or Baker Mayfield?

“JUSTIN FIELDS. Bigger, stronger kid.”

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