Chris Broussard Blasts Big Ten Coaches Pushing to Play Football this Fall

Chris Broussard: “The coaches, and the administrators – THE ADULTS, are pushing to play and saying that we’re going to leave the conference and play elsewhere... I’m sorry, they’re being greedy and selfish. With some it’s all about money, and with others it’s selfishness. Some of these guys really live for football, and live for the practices, and the games, and all that comes with it, and I get that, and sometimes that can be admirable. But it’s SELFISH on their part because you are willing to put your players at risk. Jim Harbaugh is not a doctor, and Ryan Day is not a doctor either. Look at what the experts are saying… What is every college coach trying to drill into the heads of his players? RESPECT AUTHORITY. 'I’M THE HEAD COACH, THIS IS HOW WE DO IT.' But now, what about YOUR respect, for YOUR authority?? So because Ryan Day doesn’t like what the conference commissioner says, you’re just all of the sudden gonna go rogue and do what’s best for YOU? Don’t be surprised when it comes back to haunt you… They’re all acting childish and betraying THEIR own rules of ‘respect authority.’ Now it’s time for YOU to respect some authority.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker blast some of the most prominent head coaching names in the Big Ten, as news of a cancelled Big Ten college football season has triggered a lot of blowback across the region, as notable coaches like Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Day, James Franklin, and Scott Frost have even gone public in their discord with the conference’s decision to axe the season.

Check out the segment above as Broussard and Parker call the coaches ‘selfish and childish’ as the guys talk about how these coaches push ‘RESPECT YOUR AUTHORITY’ to their players all year, yet THEY aren’t respecting the authority of their superiors who made the final decision.

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